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Useful tips for PwC recruitment

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Job interview is a crucial moment that can significantly impact your professional career in the really competitive environment of professional growth. The process of preparation is the key to success, and a well-thought-out strategy can make a significant difference. 

Here are some useful tips to help you get through your “big day”, both face-to-face and during online interview at PwC.

First of all: understand the job description.

Make sure you have analyzed the job description properly.  Identify the crucial skills and  the most important qualifications the  Hiring Manager is seeking. It's vital that you can explain why you want the job, that you understand the role and, even more importantly, why we should choose you over other candidates. Highlight how your experiences align with these requirements. During the interview we would like to talk about the examples from your past work that demonstrate your competence in the areas outlined in the job description. Give us a chance to get to know you!

Research. Take the time to research.

Researching the company before your interview is a valuable investment of time and effort. It truly allows you to demonstrate real interest, understand our culture and find common connections. You can also find out more about the hiring manager, your future team and their role in the company. To make yourself well prepared, use  resources such as: our Career Page or LinkedIn.

Be yourself. Use the STAR.

Structure your responses to questions about your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and how you've handled challenges in the past. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result). This method will help you to demonstrate a comprehensive picture of your skills and experience

(S)ituation: Give the interviewer the context or situation/ challenge you had experienced. It helps the interviewer to understand the circumstances and sets the stage for your story.

(T)ask: Be specific with explaining the  task or challenge you faced in that situation.
(A)ction: Describe your contributions and actions. This part of your answer should be more detailed and highlight the specific skills or experience you used to achieve the final result.

(R)esult: share the outcomes or results of your actions. Explain and indicate what needs were accomplished or resolved.

Ask considered questions about PwC and/or the area you will be working in.

Recruitment processes are not just an opportunity for us to evaluate the candidate, but also for the candidate to get to know the company and the role. You can be sure we will give you enough time to ask questions, too — and you should take advantage of it. You might enquire about the team, specific responsibilities of the role or the work culture. Prepare thoughtful questions!

Last but not least.  Make your surroundings  comfortable.

As we all know, there are many job interviews these days that are virtual.  What you can do to make you feel confident and comfortable during the online meeting - make sure your space, environment, and technology are ready for a great interview.

So…You’ve done your research. You’ve practiced. You’ve come prepared. Relax! :)

I hope those five basic rules help you to be successful during the interview. If you’d like any further advice or assistance in taking the next step on your career at PwC, let’s connect on LinkedIn!

Good luck and see you!