Meet Steponas! 

Steponas started his professional journey in his second year at university - after trying audit and capital markets departments, he decided to join deals team. After 3 months as an intern, Steponas became a consultant and has been with PwC for a year.

Early career start

Steponas says that the university environment encouraged him to start looking for a career path early on - he wanted to find out which areas he enjoyed. Although it was sometimes difficult to combine studies and a full-time job, he says that it is definitely possible if you learn to plan your time.

What is next?

After trying out several job areas, Steponas now feels like he has finally found something he really enjoys. He likes the dynamic environment in the deals team, all different types of projects he works with, and the friendly team of professionals around him. When asked if he plans to continue his academic journey, he says that he now wants to concentrate on specific certifications that will broaden his horizons in his role.

With more free time after the graduation, Steponas plans to focus on his friends and hobbies. He enjoys playing basketball and is preparing to participate in the upcoming PwC International Basketball Tournament. 

Advice for working students

Steponas says all students should start looking for their dream job early. He believes that the study years are the perfect time for learning about oneself and the job market. His advice for students combining work and studies is to learn the art of time management, to get up early, to get some sun and to listen to the Huberman Lab podcasts for inspiration.