Meet Mariya!

Developing Senior Associate, adventurous solver with PwC Bulgaria

Meet Mariya, a Developing Senior Associate at PwC Bulgaria
She completed her studies in accounting and finance at the University of Sheffield's faculties in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Thessaloniki, Greece. During her bachelor's degree, Mariya developed a keen interest in accounting and auditing, leading her to consider auditing as a career due to its dynamic nature.

“My coworkers are the aspect of my job that I love the most. They are great professionals that are always willing to help and teach you lots,” she shares. Mariya finds her colleagues not only supportive but also enjoyable to be around. The range of everyday responsibilities in her job is another aspect she greatly appreciates.

Mariya believes that adaptability, critical thinking, and the ability to work in a team are the three most essential skills for success in her role. According to her, these skills are crucial for navigating the demands of her position.

In her spare time, Mariya enjoys playing tennis and skiing. Additionally, she loves exploring new countries whenever she has the time, reflecting her adventurous spirit.