Meet Katarina!

Developing Senior Associate, joyful solver with PwC Serbia
Meet Katarina, a Developing Senior Associate at PwC Serbia
Katarina joined the company in July of the previous year. “As a student, I started to study economics, not knowing in which direction I would find myself. However, from the first year I fell in love with everything related to finance,” she shares. Katarina knew she would work in accounting or auditing. “I had the opportunity to work in both, but I realized that audit was the right thing for me. And where else to start than at one of the leading audit companies, where I applied through the recommendation of a friend who works there. The best decision I’ve made so far,” she says.

One of the things that made her love audit so much is that it's so much fun. It gives you space to develop in various directions, to learn and progress. “As a very social person, I really liked PwC as a community. Wonderful colleagues who respect you and encourage you to move forward,” she shares. Fellowship, various competitions, nice atmosphere and support-those are the things she personally enjoys the most.

Katarina believes that for success, the most important thing is to have the desire to constantly learn and improve. Apart from that,she would say it's teamwork. A desire to help others so that you can be much more successful as a team.

In her free time, she really likes to do sports. “The good thing is that often PwC organizes participation in various sports events, which is a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues a little better”. I also like some creative things like 3D modeling and working in Photoshop.