Meet Karin!

Developing Senior Associate, dedicated solver with PwC Slovakia
Meet Karin, a Developing Senior Associate at PwC Slovakia
She joined the company in July of the previous year. Her journey with PwC began during her university days when she took part in a meaningful internship, guiding her decision to pursue a full-time role upon graduation. Reflecting on this pivotal choice, she emphasizes the value of the ‘Workforce of the Future’ program, describing it as the ideal opportunity that provides a great learning experience and comprehensive training, effectively preparing her for the demanding busy season.

In her role, Karin finds the work intriguing as it exposes her to diverse businesses across various industries in Slovakia. Expressing enthusiasm for the constant exposure to new people and teams each week, she underscores the dynamic and collaborative nature of her work environment.

Karin believes that certain qualities are vital for success in her position. She states, "Analytical skills, effective time management, skepticism, initiative, and critical thinking are key elements to excel in what I do." These qualities, according to her, play a crucial role in navigating the complexities of her professional responsibilities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Karin is a passionate sports enthusiast, engaging in both outdoor and indoor activities. In her own words, "This commitment to an active lifestyle not only serves as a source of recreation but also mirrors my dedication to maintaining a balanced life."