Meet Gerda!

Developing Senior Associate, compassionate solver with PwC Latvia

Meet Gerda, a Developing Senior Associate at PwC Latvia
She joined the firm in 2019 as an intern in the consulting department while studying business administration in the UK. Gerda discovered PwC during a university lecture by a board member of PwC UK, prompting her to attend recruitment events in both countries. She reflects, "I then applied for my first internship in the consulting department of PwC Latvia."

Returning to the consulting department a year later to work during her studies, Gerda, after graduation, found her interests and skills aligning more with audit. She states, "I decided that audit might be more aligned with my interests and skills."

In her role, Gerda values learning about the intricacies of prominent companies in Latvia. She believes, "Analytical skills and curiosity are essential to perform well." Emphasizing that accounting and Excel knowledge are beneficial, she notes, "We don't require accounting expertise to join our team; what matters is your eagerness to learn."

What sets Gerda apart is her dedication to helping rescue animals, a hobby that aligns with her compassionate nature. She shares that her support extends, "From volunteering at a shelter to fostering kittens at my own home," illustrating how her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional life.