Meet Gašper!

Developing Senior Associate, aspiring solver with PwC Slovenia

Meet Gašper, a Developing Senior Associate at PwC Slovenia.
He joined the company just over a year ago with a clear sense of purpose. "I studied and completed my studies in another field such as economics and similar sciences, but 2 years ago I realized that I was interested in accounting," he shares. Gašper embarked on a search for work in this field, leading him to auditing and PwC, where 'there was no doubt what I wanted.'

What Gašper appreciates most about his job is that "you learn something new every day and how quickly you can develop as a person and auditor as well."

According to Gašper, success in this role requires determination, discipline, proactivity, and self-initiative, but, as he puts it, "at the end is all about what you wish to achieve."

Outside of work, Gašper enjoys spending time with friends, especially if it involves coffee. He also has a passion for playing football and finds joy in listening to music. In his words, "Life outside the office is about simple pleasures and good company." Gašper's commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in both his career aspirations and his choice of leisure activities.