Meet Filip!

Developing Senior Associate, out-of-the-box thinker and solver with PwC Slovakia
Meet Filip, Developing Senior Associate with PwC Slovakia. 
Flip joined PwC last year and he has been working within the Assurance department since then. “I saw a job ad and thought that it is an interesting opportunity because I would be working with several different companies a year.” He thinks that his line of work is not about numbers but seeing a big picture behind them: “I really like getting to know the client, understand how their system works. I didn’t study accounting but knowing the behind-the-scenes and connecting them with the numbers is the main goal.”

He is truly into understanding client’s industry and specifics and broadening his own horizons. “For me the most memorable project was the one related to a sugar producing company. It was pretty interesting to find out how sugar is stored and how production is actually happening. For the stock account I had to calculate a silo volume and it was quite interesting.”
Filip believes that there are three main reasons for him being a part of PwC: “I would start with the people I work with. I really like my colleagues because they create a very friendly atmosphere in the company. The second reason is based on the large variety of clients that we support. And the third one is about career opportunities as I can choose another position within the company and grow further.” 

Filip is passionate about hockey and he enjoys spending his free time reading and watching new movies on Netflix.