Hi from Maxime


Could you please introduce yourself?

I'm Maxime, I'm from Belgium, I'm Manager and Team Leader at PwC Luxembourg for 7 years. I'm evolving in the Assurance practices in alternative investments. I have been through enriching steps through my career: Major firm clients audit, social projects in Vietnam, Industry development, client/Team training... A challenging and exciting experience.

How did you decide to go for the STEP programme? Why did you choose PwC Lithuania?

Since I've started my career at PwC, I wanted to take the opportunity to use the network to be able to work outside. STEP exchange programme represented the best option, for a short period of time, to go abroad inside the PwC network. You don't dig into the unknown with the possibility of having a cultural change, discovering new clients and industries and still keeping the PwC environment.


How do you like Vilnius?

The City of Vilnius is at human size and diverse in the activities you can do. You can always find what you like. To give you some ideas... Walking through the historical center, Bikepacking, couchsurfing meetings, hiking through Lithuanian nature, Museum/Philharmonic/Opera...

What do you think about PwC Lithuania, the team? 

PwC Lithuania is a great place to work. Like Vilnius, PwC Lithuania is at human size, it allows you to develop your relationship and collaboration and trust. 

Would you recommend becoming a part of the STEP programme to your peers at PwC?

STEP is a Human experience. It is an opportunity to develop your professional journey from various perspectives: network building, adaptability of  skills and an opportunity to reinvent yourself. 

Aciu to everyone I met and worked with at PwC Lithuania!