Meet Justina! 

Justina, an Audit Project Manager, spent 3 months of the autumn in Luxembourg, working in one of PwC's largest offices in the world through PwC's S.T.E.P. programme. 

Justina says that working in PwC's Luxembourg office, which has more than 3,000 employees, broadened her horizons and knowledge - she was exposed to high-level clients and saw how audit processes are affected by factors that would not have a significant impact in Lithuania. However, according to Justina, the large number of employees makes the daily processes more complex - she missed the freedom she used to have in Lithuania to tackle complex tasks independently.

The internship period was not particularly busy in terms of the seasonality of PwC's activities, so the schedule allowed for travelling - Justina covered the 2,586 kmĀ² Luxembourg quickly enough, so she was able to visit other European countries. 

Although she discovered the joy of train travel in Luxembourg, she never got used to the early closing hours of train stations and entertainment venues, so she is happy to be back in Vilnius! 

Justina says that the S.T.E.P. programme is a great opportunity to "try out" working and living in a new country, to make connections and to test your courage by moving to an unfamiliar environment.

Join us and enjoy the benefits of working for an international company!