Say hi to Irma! 

Irma joined #TeamPwC almost a year ago as Audit Administrator. Irma, who studied fashion technology and had no direct experience in auditing, quickly settled into her new role. Here, she handled billing and other administrative tasks whilst curiously observing the work of her colleagues. 

After 8 months as an administrator, a position that allowed her to see the behind-the-scenes of the audit department during the busiest season for auditors, curiosity got the better of her - Irma decided she wanted to try the field for herself. Why? Irma says she likes all the friendly people in the audit team and enjoys the seasonality, teamwork, and variety that come with being a part of the audit team, such as the opportunity to work on different assignments every day and to meet new clients. 

In the course of changing her position within the company, Irma received loads of valuable training, attended ACCA courses and passed the necessary tests. Irma has no plans to stop learning and says that the last 4 months at PwC Audit have been everything she expected! Irma's advice to those considering a career in audit is to have a positive attitude, curiosity, a willingness to learn and the ability to accept and give constructive feedback. 

Irma says she feels in her place. But how do you feel? Join the PwC team and take advantage of the opportunity to move up the career ladder and make a difference.