This is Greta

Greta first joined the PwC team in September 2017. She was one of the 20 new additions to the audit department. Here she made new friends, completed the necessary training and quickly settled in. Greta enjoyed working at PwC not only because of the tasks and responsibilities but also because of the clearly laid career path - it was important for her to know what skills and new tasks awaited her with each step of her career.

Greta has done very well in these steps, consistently rising through the ranks until 2020. In PwC language, this means that she has completed 3 audit seasons - all of which were different as Greta's responsibilities changed. Although it hasn't been easy, Greta says she likes the seasonality that is inherent in the audit department - it means not only great happiness at the end of projects and the financial year but also more holidays in the summer!

After leaving PwC in 2020, Greta returned a few years later. She says she wanted to try something new - in Greta's opinion, if you don't test yourself at a young age, when you don't have a lot of experience, you are almost programmed to look for yourself and to leave the workplace later. 

Greta does not regret her decision to try new waters - it allowed her to meet new people and work with interesting activities. However, she missed the project-based work and the dynamics offered by a diverse client base. Now, there is no shortage of new things for Greta - being back in her team, she has a completely new and different portfolio of clients. 

Greta says that some people still don't get the decision of returning to the old workplace - she encourages others and says that going back to a place where you feel happy and content is not ever a step back!