Greta says hi

Greta joined the PwC team in KlaipÄ—da as an intern half a year ago, when she was still a student. Greta, who studied Accounting at Klaipeda College, was able to combine work and studies and rocked at handling it! She says that her flexible schedule allowed her to attend all the lectures - she did even better than usual during the exams that took place whilst having a job.

It took courage for Greta to decide to join a global company while still studying. However, she advises people in similar situations not to be afraid to try! She believes that even though PwC is a big company and this has many advantages for growing in your field, the energy in the office is very friendly, supportive and warm. 

Another piece of advice Greta gives to students is not to be afraid to try different fields. Although Greta said she was not interested in accounting, once she became more familiar with auditing, she quickly felt "at home". It was only through practical experience that she knew what she wanted to do with her future career. 

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