Meet Gintarė

Gintarė has been working in the PwC Klaipeda office for more than three years. After joining the #PwC team as an audit assistant, Gintarė is now the head of the Competency Center in Klaipeda!

Although Gintarė started her career at PwC in Vilnius, she took the opportunity to "move" between departments and returned to her hometown after 7 years in the Lithuanian capital. 

"Today I can safely say that this decision was great! In the Klaipeda office, ​​​​​​​I had all the means to increase my professional knowledge, and in my second year, I had the wonderful opportunity to set up a new project with the Klaipeda office manager - the Competency Center. I am very happy that this department is now in its third year of success, expanding every year and looking for new, talented people!" - says Gintarė.

What Gintarė appreciates most about PwC is the people and the great team she has working together. Working in such an environment motivates you to grow - to grow yourself and to help your new colleagues to do the same. 

She says that PwC is a great place to gain new knowledge and competencies and that the amount of knowledge that can be gained in a relatively short time is enormous.

Gintarė believes that all a future employee might need is the stubbornness to grow and develop. Training programmes, a culture of teamwork and fast-track career opportunities ensure a smooth path from an entry-level position to the role of team leader. 

Ready to start your career? Want to retrain and challenge yourself in the field of audit? Join Gintarė in Klaipeda!