Game-based assessment

And now the best part: Right after the assessment, you will receive a feedback report via email. Please note: the report will not include your detailed score, but it will give you some insights into your working style. After completing the assessment you might be invited to additional stages depending on local recruitment process. Potential next steps may include an English test, virtual video interview, group assessment center and/or meeting with the Hiring Manager, either face to face or virtual. All information will be provided to you in email correspondence or you will be contacted directly by a recruiter.


How to prepare for Game-Based Assessment?

Charge or plug in your device of choice

Ensure the device you are taking the assessment on is fully charged or plugged in. Game-based assessments can be played in your internet broweser (on desktop) or the Hirevue App (on mobile).
Take your assessment at a time when you are most awake and sharp

Most games require a high degree of focus; you'll be most successful if you take your assessment when you are most alert.
Read the instructions carefully

​​​​​​​Make sure you understand what the game is all about before you start playing. The rules are simple and intuitive, and it might be tempting to just start. But reading the instructions is worthwhile.
Give yourself a breather between games

Take a second to relax after each game, so you can begin the next game fully refreshed and focused.

Choose your space

Game-based assessments often require a high degree of concetration and focus. Finding a distraction-free area is one of the most important steps you can take to succeed on ga-based assessment. You should set aside around 15 mins of distraction-free time to stay on the safe side.

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