Say hi to Edgaras!

Meet Edgaras!

After graduating in finance field, he decided to try his hand at audit. Edgaras says that PwC is a great place to learn and develop his skills, and his warmest compliments go to the wonderful team. Currently, the PwC Competency Centre in KlaipÄ—da has a team of 24 people. Edgaras says that he gets on well with everyone and calls each other friends.

When asked about the specifics of the job, Edgaras says he is not intimidated by the seasonality of audit work. Once the audit season is over, he enjoys long holidays and his favourite activities in the summer.

However, Edgaras has not had a holiday for a while, since he did his military service last year. Although Edgaras admits that it was strange to leave his normal life, he is happy to have learned new things during thos experience. For example, he has developed leadership skills that are useful in his daily work.

Edgaras is happy that his team was waiting for him to return from this adventure and that he was able to get back to work quickly.