Digital recruitment and
​​​​​​​video inteviews

Remote working has become the new normal for many people for the foreseeable future. As we adapt, we leverage new technologies and further enhance the flexibility of our PwC employees to keep delivering our expertise and solving important problems.

Take advantage of fully digitalised recruitment process to join PwC and experience continuous learning opportunities.

You can experience these steps
during recruitment process:

Step 1

Choose interesting job offer and submit your CV via application form on our career website
Step 2

Check yourself via the online analytical test (for selected positions only)
Step 3​​​​​​

Take up the Hirevue video interview to present your skills without leaving home (for selected positions only)
Step 4

Meet the interviewers via virtual real time video meetings
We value your time. By taking a video interview you can choose the time and place to respond to our questions. You will receive an email invitation to our video interview portal. It is fully mobile-adapted and there is an app for both iOS and Android devices.

Our recruiter will ask you a few questions in a short video. With each question, you will have time to prepare your answers. 

Remember, we just want to get to know you better.