Business Experience


Take part in the international competition to win EUR3000.

Reasons to join the game

Upskill yourself

Improve your skills and knowledge through playing our online game and learn from your teammates while working together on the fin-tech case study.

Compete with international peers

Compare your score with people from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries while working on this unique online project. Then meet with the best national teams during the international final.

Experience working
​​​​​​​at PwC

Face the interesting business challenge of developing a sustainable city in Botswana and solve a case study together with your team.

Win prizes

Players with the best weekly scores will receive PwC branded gifts. The national case study winners will secure a spot in the international final with a prize pool of EUR6000.

Business Experience Challenge - step by step

our online

Register and complete all the tasks in order to unlock the second stage.

Team up for the case study competition

Team up with your friends or people you have met in the game.

Solve the business 

Solve the case study to secure a spot in the national finals.

Get invited to
​​​​​​​the national finals

The best teams will present their solutions during the national finals with a jury from PwC.

Represent your country in the CEE final

The best team from each country will be invited to the 3D International Finals.


For the best team in the international final.


For the second team in the international final.


For the third team in the international final.

PwC branded gifts

For the best online game players in each country every week.
Game rules
  • This game is dedicated for students and graduates aged 18-26.
  • National finals will be organised in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Therefore only players from those countries can take part in the game.

Online business game

  • During the first stage of the game, you are scoring individually to upskill, experience PwC business and unlock the game’s second stage.
  • Weekly prizes are awarded to three players from each country that have completed the first stage with the best score.
  • Only those players who have completed the first stage  will be authorised to team up for the second stage of the game.

Case study competition

  • Players may only team up with the people from the same country.
  • You may invite your friends to team-up with.
  • You can also team up with players you met during the online business game.
  • Teams that will deliver the best solutions to the case study will be invited to the national finals.
If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.
We are at your disposal.
Terms and conditions
Here you can find detailed rules of the game.
Here you can find answers to questions about the game.