Hi from Aušra Almantė


Say hello to Aušra Almantė!

After completing her studies in Sweden and the Netherlands, Aušra Almantė returned to Lithuania with the aim of getting a job in the PwC Deals team. Then, she patiently waited for an open position as a Consultant, and now, she has more than four years of experience at PwC and a brand new Manager title. We talked to Aušra Almantė about her secondment in Poland and daily work life at PwC Deals team.
Last summer, Aušra Almantė spent a 2-month secondment in Warsaw. Since she loves to travel, this adventure was a great opportunity to network and gain new insights from colleagues in Poland. When asked to describe life in Warsaw, Aušra Almantė mentions friendly and kind locals, the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, the great atmosphere and the opportunity to visit a variety of concerts. Glad she enjoyed it!

Aušra Almantė mainly works with financial due diligence. She says that her team, the dynamic environment and the opportunity to gain experience in various projects are the things she enjoys most about her work. Although the number of members in the Deals team has doubled since Aušra Almante started working at PwC, she says that the team atmosphere has remained great. According to Aušra Almantė, her team has smart, friendly, helpful people, which creates an environment for learning, improving and successfully overcoming new challenges.

If a strong and close team, a variety of different projects, opportunities to travel and improve your skills are things you value in your work environment - let's get in touch.