Hello from Aretas! 

Aretas has been working in the PwC Klaipeda audit team for about 2 years. Aretas started his career at #PwCTeam as a junior audit assistant and is excited to start a new role of a senior audit associate this coming autumn.

He says that the skills he has acquired during his work have allowed him to rapidly increase his knowledge base and continue to progress in his career. In addition to his role as an audit associate, Aretas is also part of the #PwCDigital team, which aims to maximise the digitisation and automation of standard audit processes. Aretas joined this team thanks to his interest in IT and technology which can help him do his job more efficiently.

When asked why Aretas stays in his hometown KlaipÄ—da and doesn't take advantage of PwC's inter-office migration, he says that there is nothing better than spending time by the sea. Active leisure and volleyball by the sea are Aretas' favourite pastimes!

He says that KlaipÄ—da has an amazing team - try it yourself and join our office in Klaipeda!